My own house

Originally, I wanted to build a construction trailer for my scout group to use in the forest. Unfortunately, there was no forest owner willing to take on the adventure. However, as I had already persuaded my parents to allow me to buy a frame, I simply got started without much prior knowledge. The building materials I needed were recycled materials that I got from "Kleinanzeigen", neighbours, friends and relatives. For example, all the timber for the wall panelling and the roof came from a demolished house. Small snag: I first had to pull out 2000 nails. The base is a carriage consisting of just four steel beams, an axle and two tyres, which I then extended with extra steel profiles. The frame was then built on top with 60x60mm beams, which were stabilised with angled support beams. Windows and the door were simply inserted into the frame. I used the old irregular boards for the panelling, which were screwed together with a small gap between them. Laths were then placed over the gaps, which also creates a good look. The roof consists of a total of three layers: a layer of boards, roofing felt and trapezoidal sheet metal on top. The floor was covered with thick MDF boards on top of which various pieces of parquet or floorboards were laid (all as a gift). The old windows were then repaired and repainted together with the door. Unfortunately, the trailer is not yet insulated, which means it is very cold in winter. However, the trailer is equipped with lamps, LAN, a projector and a screen. Oh well, the construction trailer is now in our garden and has become a cosy place for a wide variety of activities.

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