I graduated from high school in Kempten in summer 2019. After that, I wanted to spend a year exploring the world and worked in a shipyard in New Zealand, sanding and inhaling lots of epoxy resin. After three months, I was able to join an NGO in Vanuatu that organises supply trips to the Shepherd Islands with traditional sailing boats known as "Vakas". Corona pulled me out a little earlier than planned and I unfortunately had to take the last plane back in April 2020.

I enjoy photography and have also realised small film projects. However, my main interest is building and crafting - mainly in the technical field. I'm currently designing a nitrogen dioxide sensor for LoRa networks so that it can be operated independently of the mobile phone network. Thanks to YouTube, I get most of the instructions from the internet. I used to earn the money for the components as a tutor at school or in construction - I'm currently working as a student trainee in a digital agency.

I have been committed to the scouts in Kempten for over ten years - including three years as a group leader. Here, I not only organise camps or bike tours, but also larger trips to Montenegro or Norway. For example, you learn how to cook for 50 people - at least enough to feed everyone. For private trips, I also enjoy travelling on my own and with a tent. 

I am currently studying mechanical engineering / technical design at the TU Dresden.

Since I myself have drawn almost all my knowledge and inspiration for my projects from the internet, I want to give a little back with this website :))