PCB lamp

Nowadays, technology and electronics are built into almost every product. These technical components are therefore deeply embedded in our lives, but most people are completely unaware of them. Why is that? Almost without exception, electronic components are concealed from the user, as they are usually hidden under a pretty casing. 

When designing this lamp, I focussed on the question of how to construct a technical product in which the technology is not hidden but is a central design element. 

The lampshade is made of 19 individual circuit boards, also known as PCBs. These circuit boards are generally found in almost every technical device, from laptops and cameras to electric toothbrushes, but many people have never seen a circuit board before. It makes perfect sense to anchor circuit boards directly in the lampshade. This has various advantages, such as the fact that you no longer need a light bulb, as the LEDs are located directly inside the shade. The smart control is also integrated directly into the circuit boards, as there are a total of 18 touch sensors on the outside that can be used to switch the lamp on and off, vary the brightness and adjust the light temperature. As a product, the lamp would also be easier to manufacture than conventional lamps, as circuit boards are very cheap to produce. No cables or anything else are hidden in the lamp arm either. The power is fed directly into the lamp via the aluminium profiles, making any cables redundant and also ensuring a purist design. But don't worry about electric shocks, the lamp runs on 12v, so it's also safe for babies who put everything in their mouths ;)

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