Lamp PS-F5

Within the context from my studies, we were asked to design a lamp based on a design classic. We had to construct the majority of it from recycled materials. 

We took the "Sony PS-F5" record player as our inspiration. We adopted the idea that it can be operated lying down, standing up or hanging on the wall. We also wanted to keep the rough proportions and the idea that the record can be inserted and replaced in the centre. 

The main materials we used were recycled concrete and self-moulded discs made from recycled polypropylene. The surface of the lamp was finished with wax instead of conventional paints. 

The main design element of this lamp should be the lampshade. This can be made either from a translucent, recycled plastic panel or from an old vinyl record. The different panels are easily interchangeable to quickly create different lighting moods and "looks". The idea was also that you can put your favourite record in the lamp base to give it a worthy place in the room.

The light is emitted from behind via individually controllable LEDs. This allows for dynamic lighting to be created through very gentle and slow animations. Using the rotary control at the front, the lamp can be switched on and off, and the brightness as well as the light temperature can be adjusted. 

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